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Conseils en Propriété Industrielle / European Patent and Trademark Attorneys
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REGIMBEAU has been a training organisation since 2006 (registered with the Regional Directorate of Labour, Employment and Vocational Training of Ile-de-France under activity number 11 75 40 247 75).
REGIMBEAU offers a wide variety of training courses in intellectual property, structured around the themes provided below. Training courses are available on request and can be delivered in-house on your premises or at REGIMBEAU.
In parallel, several training courses offered in the catalogue are also provided in an intra-company format.
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  • Theme: Patents

    £  Patents in France

    £  PCT: All you need to know

    £  The European Unitary Patent

    £  Supplementary Protection Certificates

    £  Opposition and Appeal Procedures in Europe

    £  Filing of Biological Material

    £  Etc.

  • Theme: Trademarks, Designs and Domain Names

    £  How to manage a trademark, design and domain name portfolio

    £  International development: What trademark strategy?

    £  Constructing a trademark strategy in a Group

    £  Designs and models as part of a marketing strategy

    £  Protect and defend your domain names

    £  Etc.

  • Theme: Contracts, Data & IP Valuation

    £  Specifics of Contracts

    £  Scientific Collaboration Contacts

    £  The financing and valuation of intangible assets

    £  Confidentiality Agreements

    £  Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données

    £  General Data Protection Regulations

    £  Etc.

  • Transvers IP themes and LAP

    £  Copyright

    £  Software Protection

    £  Counterfeiting Assignation and Sanctions

    £  Employee inventions

    £  Patent information: introduction to research and analysis tools

    £  Etc.


These training courses are aimed at:
  SME executives
  Project managers
  Industrial Property managers
  Industrial Property assistants
  Marketing managers

And anyone needing to be informed on Industrial Property in the line of their work.


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Expertise of our Trainers

Drawing on its vast industry knowledge, REGIMBEAU offers the experience of its employees who regularly intervene at conferences and seminaries on all issues related to industrial property. They also give lectures at numerous Universities and institutions and in Industrial Property modules at the Grandes Ecoles.

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