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Advertising and Alcohol: The Supreme Court Acknowledges that the Impression of Pleasure is Allowed!

by Martine BLOCH-WEILL, Partner
v3588-Martine BLOCH WEILL.jpg We informed you last year of the judgment of the Versailles Court of Appeal (Ch 3, 3 April 2014 ANPAA/CIVB) which claimed that appearing “grumpy” was not imposed by the EVIN Law (see article). Hearing this case again the Supreme Court made a new judgement on 1st July 2015, at the end of which it reviews the strict position issued in its first judgement of 23rd February 2012.
Published on: 11th Dec 2015

China: Beware of Fraudulent Trademark and Domain Name Filings

By Esther DUPAIN, French and European Trademark Attorney
v3710-Esther DUPAIN.jpg We have noted, over a number of years that cases of fraudulent trademark filings in China are becoming more and more frequent. Some fields are more affected than others, with food and wine brands being especially targeted, including AOC’s, IGP’s...
Published on: 8th Oct 2015

Advertising and Alcohol: Trial Judges Declare There is No Need to Get Cranky!

by Martine BLOCH-WEILL, Partner
v3588-Martine BLOCH WEILL.jpg The Versailles Court of Appeal (Ch 3, 3 April 2014 ANPAA/CIVB) upon referral after appeal (Cass, 1st civ, 23 February 2012) rejected the strict interpretation made by the Supreme Court as to the provisions in the Evin Law relating to advertising requirements for alcoholic beverages.
Published on: 30th Jul 2015

Geographical Indications for Industrial and Handmade Products and Local Authorities: Opposition Proceedings before the INPI!

by Jean-Charles NICOLLET, French and European Trademark & Design Attorney
0851-J-C.NICOLLET.jpg On 3 June 2015 the official journal published the decree on geographical indications for industrial and handmade products.
Published on: 15th Jun 2015

Wine Labelling and Image Rights

by Jean-Charles NICOLLET, French and European Trademark & Design Attorney
0851-J-C.NICOLLET.jpg The use of the image of a competitor’s castle on wine labels may constitute an act of unfair competition that could cause remarkable problems for the castle owner.
Published on: 11th Feb 2014

Advertising and Alcohol: Facebook and Alcohol are not "Best Friends"

By Jean-Charles NICOLLET, French and European Trademark and design Attorney
0851-J-C.NICOLLET.jpg The Supreme Court approved the 3 July 2013 decision by the Paris Appeal Court, that Articles L.3323-2 et seq. of the Public Health Code, which restrict the advertising of alcoholic products, were applicable to Social Networks.
Published on: 23th Aug 2013

Wine & Regulations: New mandatory symbols for your wine labels

By Jean-Charles NICOLLET, French and European Trademark Attorney
0851-J-C.NICOLLET.jpg On June 29th 2012 the European Commission adopted regulations setting out the modalities for inscription on wine labels of the presence of sulphites, milk and milk based products, eggs and egg based products within the list of ingredients.
Published on: 3rd Sept 2012

Advertising and Alcohol: it is no longer in good taste to promote the conviviality associated with wine

By Jean-Charles NICOLLET and Martine BLOCH-WEILL, European and French Trademark Attorneys
The advertising of alcoholic products is limited and highly-regulated in France.
Published on: 20th Feb 2012

Trademarks & Wines: Are your expectations clear?

By Chloé BRAYNE, IP Lawyer, Contract Department, Cabinet REGIMBEAU
The wine industry is one which is particularly complex, given that the exploitant of a trademark is not necessarily the owner of this right, but may be a wine cooperative or even a wine wholesaler.
Published on: 15th Nov 2011

Trademarks & Wines : French wines exports are booming : are your wines adequately protected ?

By Jean-Charles NICOLLET, IP Lawyer and Evelyne ROUX, Partner, Head of Trademarks & Designs Department
French wine is part of our heritage and is a reliable export asset for our country.
Published on: 8th Nov 2011

Geographical Indications : A unique register for wines and spirits ?

By Nicolas DEMILLY, European and French Trademark Attorney, and Evelyne ROUX, Partner, Cabinet REGIMBEAU
Since 1997, the negotiators of the WTO in the field of IP have been focused upon the preparation of a draft of a unique text establishing a multilateral system of notification and registration of geographical indications relating to wines and spirits.
Published on: 29th March 2011