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PACTE Law: Opposition to patents

By Stéphanie CELAIRE, Partner and French & European Patent Attorney, and Henri BOURGEOIS, French & European Patent Attorney.
CELAIREBOURGEOIS.png The 2019 PACTE Law will deeply modify several fundamental aspects of the French patent law. One of the flagship measures in this area is undoubtedly the creation of patent opposition proceedings before the French IP Office, with the right to appeal before the Paris Court of Appeal.
Published on: 17th March 2020

PACTE LAW: changes relating to Utility Certificates and establishment of a provisional patent application

By Stéphanie CELAIRE, Partner
Celaire_search.jpg The PACTE Law of 2019 will result in substantial changes to several fundamental aspects of French patent law. This law extends the term of protection conferred by utility certificates and establishes a provisional patent application. When developing your industrial property strategy, these provisions should be considered as a package deal along with the examination of inventive step of patent applications and new opposition proceedings.
Published on: 10th Feb 2020

Geographical Indications for Industrial and Handmade Products and Local Authorities: Opposition Proceedings before the INPI!

by Jean-Charles NICOLLET, French and European Trademark & Design Attorney
0851-J-C.NICOLLET.jpg On 3 June 2015 the official journal published the decree on geographical indications for industrial and handmade products.
Published on: 15th Jun 2015

French and community trademarks opposition proceedings

By Caroline WEHNER and Evelyne ROUX, Partner, Head of the Trademarks & Designs Department
ROUX_SEARCH_2013.jpg Practical Guide to French and community trademarks opposition proceedings
Published on: 3rd Sept 2012