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Protection of your trademarks against the domain names registrations under the porn industry extensions.

By Nicolas Demilly, French & European Trademark and Design Attorney
Demilly_search.jpg REGIMBEAU is at your disposal to support you in the registration of these blocks as well as in the management and the defense of your domain names. Do not hesitate to contact us on this matter.
Published on: 17th Nov 2020

What impact will a BREXIT without a withdrawal agreement as of March 30, 2019, have on your IP assets, in particular patents, trademarks & designs, domain names?

By Christian TEXIER, Frédérique FAIVRE PETIT, Sylvain THIVILLIER, Evelyne ROUX, Partners, Cécile PUECH, Senior Associate and Anne CHANTELOUP, Intellectual Property Lawyer.
CTFFPEVR.PNG UK MPs overwhelmingly rejected the negotiated exit agreement of the EU by 432 votes against 202 on Tuesday January 15, 2019.
Published on: 21th Jan 2019

URDP procedure: do not relinquish action against a disputed domain name registered for several years!

By Anne CHANTELOUP, Intellectual Property Attorney
CHANTELOUP_SEARCH.jpg On June 20th, the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center issued a decision in a UDRP proceeding initiated by REGIMBEAU against a 21-year-old domain name. The sole dispute resolution expert recognized the infringement of prior rights - in this case of trademarks and a domain name - and ruled in favor of the transfer of the disputed domain name to the complainant.
Published on: 28th Sept 2018

China: Beware of Fraudulent Trademark and Domain Name Filings

By Esther DUPAIN, French and European Trademark Attorney
v3710-Esther DUPAIN.jpg We have noted, over a number of years that cases of fraudulent trademark filings in China are becoming more and more frequent. Some fields are more affected than others, with food and wine brands being especially targeted, including AOC’s, IGP’s...
Published on: 8th Oct 2015

Nobody Puts the URS in a Corner

by Nicolas DEMILLY, French and European Trademark and Design Attorney
v3640-Nicolas DEMILLY.jpg The URS (Uniform Rapid Suspension (System)) procedure is a new alternative dispute resolution procedure for domain names that has been established by ICANN in conjunction with the launch of new domain name extensions.
Published on: 24th Jun 2015

The First URDP Decision on a new gTLD has Been Rendered by the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center for the Domain Name

by Nicolas DEMILLY, French and European Trademark and Design Attorney
v3640-Nicolas DEMILLY.jpg On 14 March 2014, the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center rendered the first decision in the context of an UDRP proceeding against a domain name reserved under one of the new gTLDs. In this case, it was the domain name reserved the 5 February 2014 anonymously through the, LLC registrar.
Published on: 23th April 2014

Don't Neglect Your Domain Names

by Nicolas DEMILLY, French and European Trademark and Design Attorney
v3640-Nicolas DEMILLY.jpg A domain name is an intangible asset which, if it is exploited, can be used against a subsequent trademark.
Published on: 31th March 2014

Domain Names: The list of 1930 applications for new gTLDs has now been released!!

By Nicolas DEMILLY, European and French Trademark & Design Attorney and Evelyne ROUX, Partner
On the 13th June 2012 ICANN revealed the 1930 applications for new gTLDs (« .marks ») allowing applicants to become registry operators and to manage top level domain names.
Published on: 2nd Jul 2012

Trademarks and the internet - a new system of protection: The “Trademark Clearinghouse”

By Nicolas DEMILLY, IP Attorney
Published on: 19th Jun 2012

Modification of the conditions of registration of the .FR domain names as from December 6

Published on: 4th Nov 2011

Summary applications are not a panacea when dealing with cyber-squatters

By Jean-Charles Nicollet, Intellectual Property Lawyer and Evelyne Roux, Head of the Legal Department
ROUX_SEARCH_2013.jpg The increase in domain name reservations is a natural corollary of the development of e-commerce and the accessibility of the internet.
Published on: 26th Oct 2009


By Martine BLOCH-WEILL Industrial Property Counsel Cabinet REGIMBEAU
v3588-Martine BLOCH WEILL.jpg Dot eu which was created in 2006 following the prereservation period at the end of 2005, was immediately subject to a quite a craze, more particularly by businesses to allow them to economically show their European dimension ...
Published on: 1st Feb 2007