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Data in the sports sector

By Aleksandra THÉLOT, Intellectual Property Lawyer
THELOT_SEARCH.png “Reach for Gold,” the World Intellectual Property Day campaign last April dealt with the world of sport. Through sport, companies can convey their desire to embrace the values of adventure, humility, pugnacity, and innovation to the general public, collaborators, and customers.
Published on: 6th Sept 2019

One year of GDPR

By Franck DELAMER, French Patent Attorney.
Delamer_search.jpg The GDPR has been in force for one year. Many companies have initiated compliance processes. The CNIL has made some notable decisions, mainly sanctioning the non-respect of key principles (existing under the previous Computer and Freedom law). The CNIL continues its work in verifying that the principles of these texts are respected, while announcing in parallel a new text regarding cookies.
Published on: 1st Aug 2019

GRDP: it's now!

By Franck DELAMER, French Patent Attorney
Delamer_search.jpg On May 14th, the National Assembly adopted the draft law on the protection of personal data, quickly followed by the referral to the Constitutional Council by 60 senators. This text aims to adapt the “Data Protection and Freedom of Information” law to the entry into application of the European Regulation on the protection of personal data (Regulation 2016/679, abbreviated “GRDP”). A large number of obligations, however, are not affected by this referral and therefore come into effect today.
Published on: 12th Jun 2018

Advances in the Protection of Trade Secrets

By Isabelle PINAUD, French & European Trademark and Design Attorney
Pinaud_search.jpg On 8 June 2016 the European Union adopted Directive 2016/943 on "the protection of undisclosed know-how and business information (trade secrets) against their unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure".
Published on: 28th Jul 2016

First Remarks as to the Implications on Intellectual Property Following the BREXIT vote of 24 June

This morning, Friday 24 June 2016, the British referendum result in favour of BREXIT was announced, meaning the United Kingdom has voted to leave of the European Union. What will be the initial consequences in the intellectual property field?
Published on: 24th Jun 2016

Publication of the Decree Relating to Contract Law Reform: What is the Impact on your Business Practices?

by Isabelle LECAT, Industrial Property Lawyer
Lecat_search.jpg On 10 February 2016, the French Government issued an order reforming contract law, the general system and the proof of obligations; therefore reforming certain provisions in the Civil Code which have been in force since 1804.
Published on: 20th April 2016

How to End your Contractual Agreements Problem Free

By Isabelle LECAT, Industrial Property Lawyer
Lecat_search.jpg The signing of a contract is not the end of the process, but rather the beginning of its lifespan. Until its expiry date, the contract will continue generating effects that are important to anticipate. Therefore, it is essential to consider the different hypotheses for termination, and the resulting consequences in the relations between the contracting parties.
Published on: 18th Nov 2015

Who Pays the Photographer in Good Faith (but recklessly), must think twice!

by Katia POUILLY-RIOU, French and European Trademark and Design Attorney
v3753-Katia POUILLY RIOU.jpg The company X ("Advertiser") requests its Advertising Company ("Agency”), with whom it has worked with for a number of years (without a written contract), to produce promotional documents, involving, notably, photographs.
Published on: 5th Aug 2014

Measuring the value of data : Assets and Management Challenges

By Marc LEVIEILS, Partner
M.Levieils 65x65.jpg The era of "big data" is upon us, characterised by the emergence of international groups such as Google, Facebook or Amazon, whose business models are based on the exploitation of vast quantities of data collected via the internet.
Published on: 3rd Jul 2013