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New step for the Directive proposal of the European Parliament and of the Council on Copyright in the digital single market.

By Christian TEXIER, Partner.
C.Texier 65x65.jpg On September 12th, 2018, the European Parliament adopted a resolution approving a proposal for a directive which must now be submitted to the Council and the Commission.
Published on: 4th Oct 2018

Art Purchasing: Have you actually read the "Standard Contracts" proposed by the Images Banks that you use?

by Katia POUILLY-RIOU, French and European Trademark and Design Attorney
v3753-Katia POUILLY RIOU.jpg When you want to illustrate your website or a promotional campaign, or associate one of your products with a photograph or painting (still covered by copyright), you must approach the rights owners in order obtain the required permissions (this is referred to as "Art Purchasing").
Published on: 26th Aug 2015

Designs and Copyright: an Italian interpretation of the cumulation of rights?

ByAymeric VIENNE, Senior Counsel, European and French Patent and Trademark Attorney, Cabinet REGIMBEAU
Italy has always had a special position in the still heterogeneous copyright landscape of the European Union...
Published on: 24th March 2011

Hadopi: have you taken steps to protect yourself ?

By Jean-Charles NICOLLET, Intellectual Property Lawyer - Cabinet REGIMBEAU
0851-J-C.NICOLLET.jpg The High Authority for the Broadcasting of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet (HADOPI) was created on 31 December 2009 in order to ensure that the main principles of copyright law are observed on the internet...
Published on: 25th Nov 2010

Why technological protection

By Esther DUPAIN, IP Lawyer, Cabinet REGIMBEAU And Evelyne Roux, Partner, Cabinet REGIMBEAU
v3710-Esther DUPAIN.jpg To protect their works, copyright owners have turned to technologies adopting ‘Technological Protection Measures’ (TPM), ‘self-help mechanisms’, ‘Automated Rights Management’ or ‘Digital Rights Management’ (DRM).
Published on: 1st Jan 2008