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Breaking News : the question of the patentability of plants/animals obtained exclusively by means of an essentially biological process has once again been referred o the EPO's enlarged board of appeal!

By Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE and Philippe BESSIERE, French and European Patent Attorneys.
GAFPB.PNG It is now official: the President of the European Patent Office (EPO), António Campinos, has done what he said he would do… in asking, once again, the EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal to rule on the patentability exclusion introduced into new Rule 28(2) EPC.
Published on: 19th April 2019

Human Embryonic Stem Cell Patentability in Europe and the United States

By Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE, French and European Patent Attorney
v2387-Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE.jpg Today, the position of the European Patent Office (EPO) as to the patentability of human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) is clear. A European patent can only protect an invention involving such cells if, at the "relevant date", the cells could be obtained by means other than the destruction of a human embryo.
Published on: 25th Jun 2015

Patentability of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines

By Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE, French Patent Attorney
v2387-Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE.jpg While the Brüstle vs. Greenpeace decision does not aim to influence the European Patent Office (EPO), we nevertheless anticipated that it may well result in the hardening of the EPO’s position concerning the patentability of human embryonic stem cell lines...
Published on: 14th Jun 2013

Patentability of embryonic stem cells - after the European Patent Office, the European Court of Justice gives its opinion

By Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE, IP engineer
v2387-Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE.jpg Pursuant to Article 6(2)(c) of Directive 98/44/EC of the European Patent Convention (EPC), the use of «human embryos» for industrial or commercial purposes is not patentable.
Published on: 14th Feb 2012