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JUB : Breaking news !

By Stéphanie CELAIRE, Partner and French & European Patent Attorney
Celaire_search.jpg Neither Brexit nor Covid-19 seems to have hindered the motivation of the European Commission (EC) to see the project of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) and the Unitary Patent realized.
Published on: 23th Jul 2020

PACTE Law: Opposition to patents

By Stéphanie CELAIRE, Partner and French & European Patent Attorney, and Henri BOURGEOIS, French & European Patent Attorney.
CELAIREBOURGEOIS.png The 2019 PACTE Law will deeply modify several fundamental aspects of the French patent law. One of the flagship measures in this area is undoubtedly the creation of patent opposition proceedings before the French IP Office, with the right to appeal before the Paris Court of Appeal.
Published on: 17th March 2020

PACTE LAW: changes relating to Utility Certificates and establishment of a provisional patent application

By Stéphanie CELAIRE, Partner
Celaire_search.jpg The PACTE Law of 2019 will result in substantial changes to several fundamental aspects of French patent law. This law extends the term of protection conferred by utility certificates and establishes a provisional patent application. When developing your industrial property strategy, these provisions should be considered as a package deal along with the examination of inventive step of patent applications and new opposition proceedings.
Published on: 10th Feb 2020

PACTE Act : What will change for your Industrial Property in France ? When ?

By Stéphanie CELAIRE, Partner
Celaire_search.jpg The PACTE Act for the Business Growth and Transformation Action Plan was published in the Official Journal on May 23, 2019 (Law No. 2019-486 of May 22, 2019). This text embodies the flagship economic reform of the government of Emmanuel Macron, led by the Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire. Its primary objective is to improve the growth of small and medium-sized French businesses.
Published on: 18th Jul 2019

The European Patent Office has Published the “Unitary Patent Guide”

By Stéphanie CELAIRE, Partner
Celaire_search.jpg The European Patent Office (EPO) has published the 1st edition of the "Unitary Patent Guide." This guide outlines the texts concerning applications for European patents with unitary effect, annual fees, entries in the Register for Unitary Patent Protection, languages and remedies in the event that the unitary effect is rejected. It also details the practical means by which these procedures will be handled by the EPO on the basis of the rules relating to Unitary Patent Protection (UPR).
Published on: 23th Aug 2017

Book: Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court (French only)

​The Patent system in Europe will undergo major changes with the upcoming entry into force of the agreements establishing the Unified Patent Court and the Unitary Patent. Download the outline (french only) or order the book on the link below.
Published on: 24th Jan 2017

Third Party Observations: a weapon to integrate in your IP strategy ?

By Stéphanie CELAIRE, Senior Associate
v2417-Stéphanie CELAIRE.jpg As rare as it is old, having been established in the French IP Code in 1968, the third-party observation system is currently experiencing a revival, thanks, in part, to a push by various IP offices to try and regenerate interest in the system.
Published on: 15th May 2013

G1/07 : Answers, and answers between the lines

By Stéphanie Célaire - European and French Patent Attorney - Cabinet REGIMBEAU
v2417-Stéphanie CELAIRE.jpg Decision G001/07 was eagerly awaited in the field of medical imaging methods for diagnostic purposes.
Published on: 8th April 2010