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REGIMBEAU IP Newsletter N° 36
9th May 2022

Top news


Accelerating examination to obtain a US patent

By Bailey ZIEGLER, US Patent Attorney
Ziegler_Search.jpg The speed of examination at the US Patent Office (USPTO) to obtain a US patent can be excessively long for some patent applicants. This may be especially true for applicants in technical fields with limited periods of commercial advantage. Nevertheless the USPTO offers multiple initiatives to advance the speed of examination.
Published on: 4th May 2022

Chile and Cape Verde will join the international trademark system on 4 and 6 July 2022

By Evelyne ROUX, Managing Partner
ROUX_SEARCH_2013.jpg It is now the turn of Chile and Cape Verde to join the international trademark system as of July 4 and 6, 2022. Given its wide geographical coverage and simplicity, this system has become increasingly adapted to worldwide business development strategies and their trademark portfolios.
Published on: 2nd May 2022

Whether or not to opt out of the competence of the unified patent court: another issue for european patent owners

Par Frédérique DURIEUX et Stéphanie MASSIN CELAIRE, French and European Patent Attorneys
DURIEUX_CELAIRE.png The Unified Patent Court will have exclusive competence for all European patents, as well as for supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) granted for a product protected by a European patent. If this exclusive competence is obligatory for European patents with unitary effect, it will be possible, during a transitional period, to opt out of the UPC’s exclusive competence for European patents not benefiting from the unitary effect. European patent owners should therefore start thinking about their opt-out strategy now.
Published on: 21th April 2022

International Design : 1 registration for 93 countries, China next

By Caroline HUGUET-BRAUN, European and French Trademark Attorney
0743-C.HUGUET.jpg Designs, reflecting quality and commitment to innovation have become the new weapon of business competition, even becoming a means of identification in the same way as a trademark.
Published on: 19th April 2022

CRISPR/Cas9: a nebula of patents

By Lucile VERNOUX and Nicolas BOUQUIN, French and European Patent Attorneys
VERNOUXBOUQUIN.PNG Discover an extract from the Immunowatch, a one-of-a-kind newsletter in the field of immunotherapy published by our partner Mabdesign, which contains an in-depth analysis on CRISPR/Cas9 patents, and its challenging licensing landscape, conducted by Lucile Vernoux and Nicolas Bouquin.
Published on: 18th Feb 2022

Protecting by patent a drug combining two known active ingredients: is it possible ?

By Aurélia VAVASSEUR, European and French Patent Attorney
A.Vavasseur.jpg More and more therapeutic treatments are based on the combination of two (or more) distinct active ingredients. It is possible to obtain patent protection for such a combination under certain conditions...
Published on: 30th Dec 2021

Dosage or administration regimens are patentable in Japan, but inventive step may be tricky!

By Lazarina CHOISNEL and Cécile PUECH, French & European Patent Attorneys
CHOISNEL_PUECH.jpg Inventions relating to a new dosage or administration regimen of a compound with a known therapeutic use are not excluded from patentability in Japan. However, it may be difficult to defend their inventive step.
Published on: 23th Dec 2021



Webinar - Implementation of the European Patent with Unitary Effect and the Unified Patent Court: the countdown is on!

The entry into force of the European patent with unitary effect and the Unified Patent Court is now expected for October 2022. What changes for European patent applicants in 2022? What strategies should they adopt? Our experts Stéphanie Celaire, Sylvain Thivillier, Frédérique Durieux will present the new system and its implications, as well as its budgetary impact. Registration by email to:

10th Antibody Industrial Symposium AIS2022

Raphaëlle GILLET and Nicolas Bouquin will be speaking on June 28, 2022, at the 10th edition of the AIS, the major symposium in the field of therapeutic antibodies.

Press releases

Décideurs Magazine - 2022 Ranking

Décideurs Magazine has published its annual rankings, identifying the best IP law firms in France. REGIMBEAU is once again ranked in the “indispensable” category for “Patents General Classification”, “Physics, Mechanics & Construction Patents”, Chemistry, Biology and Life Sciences Patents” and “Electronics, Telecoms and New Technologies Patents” and “excellent” in “Trademarks & Designs”.
Published on: 2nd May 2022

2022 Edition: WTR 1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals

The World Trademark Review (WTR) has published the results of its “WTR 1000 The world’s Leading Trademark Professionals” survey, identifying the best trademark practitioners around the world. Regimbeau is ranked among the top French firms. Evelyne ROUX, Partner, is particularly recognized as a leading expert in trademarks.
Published on: 5th April 2022

JUVE Patent – 2022 Rankings

JUVE Patent, a recognized platform specialized in the European patent market, has published its annual rankings, identifying the best Patent law firms in Europe. REGIMBEAU is ranked in the “recommended patent firms” for the Patent filing category. Stéphanie CELAIRE and Emmanuelle LEVY have been named “Leading Individuals” in the “Patent attorneys with technical specialty” category for their technical specialty in "Chemistry, Pharma and biotechnology" and Jérôme COLLIN have been recommended in the field "Digital communication and computer technology, Medical technology".
Published on: 5th April 2022

Regimbeau ranked among the top French firms in pharmaceutical patents

Regimbeau has been ranked among the top French firms in pharmaceutical patents, according to a recent study undertaken by Patent-Pilot. A great performance for Regimbeau, especially since most of the patent applications in question are drafted by our teams, as part of the daily support of our direct clients, whom we thank for their trust.
Published on: 1st March 2022

Opposition proceedings before the EPO: 2021 Overview

Regimbeau’s teams were very active in oppositions and are pleased to present the results of the oppositions in 2021.
Published on: 9th Feb 2022

Emmanuel POTDEVIN becomes Partner at Regimbeau

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Emmanuel Potdevin as a partner of Regimbeau. It demonstrates the recognition of his high level of expertise and commitment.
Published on: 17th Jan 2022
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