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REGIMBEAU IP Newsletter N° 26
29th January 2019

Top news


PPH: all possibilities are not equal

By Cécile PUECH, Senior Associate.
C.PUECH.jpg Over time, accelerated examination programs under the PPH (Patent Prosecution Highway), have proliferated. But does this simplify the task of applicants when a first office considers certain claims to be acceptable? In addition to limitations associated with the fact that an accelerated examination under the PPH may only be requested prior to the start of the examination, it appears that the benefit of filing a PPH request varies according to the applicant’s expectations, the country concerned and sometimes even the technical field of the invention… Rather than systematically filing PPH requests, a case-by-case analysis seems to be more appropriate for optimizing the examination of patent applications.
Published on: 10th Jan 2019

Overseas Trademark Protection Strategy

From its creation, or at the latest from the start of negotiations with foreign partners, overseas Trademark protection must be considered. After Malawi (25 December 2018), it is the turn of Samoa to join the international trademark system as of 4 March 2019. Given its wide geographical coverage and simplicity, this system is becoming more and more adapted to business development strategies.
Published on: 13th Dec 2018

Important information : patents in Indonesia

This briefing note provides an update on a particular situation relating to Indonesian patents.
Published on: 20th Nov 2018

35 USC § 101: Further clarification of patent subject-matter eligibility.

By Sara HAINES, US Patent Agent.
S.Haines.jpg Two recently issued USPTO memorandums further clarify aspects of patent subject-matter eligibility under 35 USC § 101. The Vanda memo1 specifies methods of treatment that should be considered to be patent eligible under step 2A of the Alice/Mayo test2 thereby avoiding any further analysis under step 2B, while the Berkheimer memo3 states that examiners must provide substantiated evidence when additional claim elements are considered to represent well-understood, routine, conventional activity in support of 35 USC § 101 rejections under step 2B.
Published on: 30th Oct 2018

Non-traditional trademarks, marketing is a powerful ally!

By Martine BLOCH-WEILL, Partner
v3588-Martine BLOCH WEILL.jpg While it is customary for legal teams to file trademarks to ensure the durability of marketing efforts and investments when launching and commercializing new products and services, lawyers, do not forget that marketing is also your ally! And it has not finished being proven.
Published on: 29th Oct 2018



Taxation - Finance Act 2019 - PACTE Act - Brexit: what impact on your Intellectual Property?

REGIMBEAU organizes a breakfast conference on "Taxation - Finance Act 2019 - PACTE Act - Brexit: what impact on your Intellectual Property?"

Business Day - Research

Contribution by Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE at the Business-Research Day with a presentation on the theme "New regulations related to the Nagoya Protocol".

New year 2019: Trademarks & Patents, What's new?

REGIMBEAU organizes a conference in Rennes on the theme: "New Year 2019: Trademarks & Patents, What's new?"

Press releases

REGIMBEAU, 3rd French firm and 5th European firm in number of International Applications

The Managing Intellectual Property magazine (MIP) has published the results of its annual PCT survey. REGIMBEAU is ranked 3rd French and 5th European Patent Attorney Firm in number of International PCT patent applications (Patent Cooperation Treaty).
Published on: 14th Dec 2018

Jerome COLLIN, Chair of FICPI CET3 (International Patent Matters), and FICPI work on Patent Law Harmonization

Founded in 1906, FICPI is the only international NGO whose membership consists exclusively of IP attorneys in private practice. It has more than 5,000 members in more than 80 countries on six continents. REGIMBEAU has been actively involved with FICPI through some of its partners for many years, and currently Jerome COLLIN is the Chair of FICPI CET3 Group « International Patent Matters ». The last Monthly Newsletter of FICPI President Julian Crump highlights the work of FICPI regarding patent law harmonization
Published on: 6th Dec 2018

Regimbeau's Grenoble office is expanding!

Established in Grenoble since 2010, REGIMBEAU is pleased to announce the arrival of Aurélia VAVASSEUR, Patent Engineer, and Esther DUPAIN, Trademark Attorney.
Published on: 27th Nov 2018
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