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REGIMBEAU IP Newsletter N° 19
7th March 2016

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REGIMBEAU IP ACADEMY from the 31 March to 5 April 2016

REGIMBEAU is organising a 4-day training seminar on "Basic Principles of the European Patent System" for clients and foreign colleagues wishing to acquire a working knowledge of the specificities of patent procedures in Europe. Participation of Jérôme COLLIN, Frédérique FAIVRE PETIT, Emmanuelle LEVY, Marie AUDREN, Philippe BESSIERE, Nicolas BOUQUIN, Isabelle CLERY, Charlotte LELEU, Matthieu OBJOIS, Cécile PUECH, Anne SEIBEL and Sylvain THIVILLIER.


Unified Patent Court: No Opt-Out Fee!

by Sylvain THIVILLIER, Head of the Munich Office
v5570- Sylvain THIVILLIER.jpg On 24 and 25 February 2016, the Preparatory Committee for the UPC met and agreed on a text stating the “Rules on Court fees and recoverable costs” linked to the UPC, in which it should be noted that the official fee for opting out of the exclusive jurisdiction of the UPC has been removed.
Published on: 2nd March 2016

On your European (Trade)marks! Do you have Something to Declare?

by Isabelle THILL, Partner
THILL_SEARCH_2013.jpg SPECIFICATION OF GOODS AND SERVICES FOR YOUR TRADEMARKS: the President of the OHIM has just released a statement regarding the modalities of application for Article 28 (8) of the amended regulation on the European Union Trademark.
Published on: 24th Feb 2016

Is 2016 the final stretch before the entry in force of the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court?

By Christian TEXIER, Partner, and Sylvain THIVILLIER, Head of the Munich Office
TEXIER THIVILLIER.JPG The reference texts defining the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court allow us already to identify certain general principles for these systems. During the last 2 years, the Preparatory Committee of the UPC has done tremendous work to draft the rules of implementation for these new systems, rules which should be adopted in the following (next few?) months.
Published on: 9th Feb 2016

European Trademark Reform: What does it mean for You!

We’ve been waiting a long time and at last it’s nearly here! On 15 December 2015 the European Trademark reform was approved by the European Parliament and should enter into force in Spring 2016.
Published on: 14th Jan 2016

European and French Customs Retainer Procedures

By Evelyne ROUX, Partner and Carole ADJADJ, French and European Trademark and Design Attorney
ROUX ADJADJ.JPG It is worthless to say that infringement is ever increasing. A battle is engaged, involving all the stakeholders, to stop counterfeited and pirated goods, and to fight against infringement. Customs, as well as Legal procedures and resources are being continually improved.
Published on: 15th Dec 2015

Advertising and Alcohol: The Supreme Court Acknowledges that the Impression of Pleasure is Allowed!

by Martine BLOCH-WEILL, Partner
v3588-Martine BLOCH WEILL.jpg We informed you last year of the judgment of the Versailles Court of Appeal (Ch 3, 3 April 2014 ANPAA/CIVB) which claimed that appearing “grumpy” was not imposed by the EVIN Law (see article). Hearing this case again the Supreme Court made a new judgement on 1st July 2015, at the end of which it reviews the strict position issued in its first judgement of 23rd February 2012.
Published on: 11th Dec 2015



Is 2016 the final stretch before the entry in force of the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court?

REGIMBEAU is organising a breakfast seminar on "Is 2016 the final stretch before the entry in force of the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court ". Contributions from Christian TEXIER and Stéphanie CELAIRE,Partners and Sylvain THIVILLIER, Head of Munich Office.

Intellectual Property: The Essential Questions to ask you Tax Advisor

REGIMBEAU is organising a breakfast seminar on: "Intellectual Property: The Essential Questions to ask you Tax Advisor". Contributions from Marc LEVIEILS, Partner and Eric HEBRAS, Partner at Cabinet Pinot de Villechenon & Associés

Biovision 2016

Participation of Raphaëlle GILLET, European and French Patent Attorney, at the 11th edition of the Biovision Forum.

EuroSEAD Training Course

Contribution of Jérôme COLLIN, Partner, as a lecturer at the EuroSEAD “Patent Drafting” Training Course, organised by the FCIPI.
San Francisco

BIO International Convention

Partcipation of Emmanuelle LEVY, Partner, and Nicolas BOUQUIN, at the BIO International Convention.

Press releases

Classement 2016 : WTR 1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals

The World Trademark Review (WTR) has published the results of its “WTR 1000 The world’s Leading Trademark Professionals” survey, identifying the best trademark practitioners around the world. REGIMBEAU is ranked among the top French firms. Evelyne ROUX, Partner, has a "successful and holistic approach to brand management."
Published on: 25th Feb 2016

Managing Intellectual Property (MIP) - 2016 Rankings

Managing Intellectual Property (MIP) magazine has published the results of its 2016 survey, which identifies the best trademark practitioners around the world. Once again, REGIMBEAU has been ranked in the top French firms in the “Trademark Prosecution” and "Patent Prosecution" categories.
Published on: 11th Feb 2016
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Editorial Committee : ​ Carole ADJADJ, Martine BLOCH-WEILL, Evelyne ROUX, Christian TEXIER, Isabelle THILL, Sylvain THIVILLIER.
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