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Guidelines for the new patent opposition procedure in France (1/5): Fundamental principles

By Stéphanie CELAIRE, Partner and Henri BOURGEOIS, French & European Patent Attorneys
CELAIREBOURGEOIS.png In January 2021, the French Patent Office published its comprehensive guidelines on the patent opposition procedure. On this occasion, Regimbeau publishes a series of articles. This first article of the series provides an introduction and general overview of the opposition procedure.
Published on: 18th Feb 2021

UPC approved by German Parliament - Already two constitutional complaints

By Henri BOURGEOIS, French & European Patent Attorney
BOURGEOIS_SEARCH.jpg Both chambers of German Parliament have once again voted in favour of the act approving the Unified Patent Court, with enough votes to avoid the invalidity ground raised in the constitutional complaint against the first version of the act. This second iteration must now be promulgated. However, two new complaints have already been filed against it.
Published on: 5th Jan 2021

Japanese and French patent offices enter into a PPH agreement

By Jérôme COLLIN, Partner, International Director, French & European Patent Attorney
Collin_search.jpg On November 26, 2020 the heads of the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) and the French Patent Office (INPI) have signed a Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) agreement.
Published on: 8th Dec 2020

Disruptive CAR-T therapy is driving a new wave of patenting challenges

By Raphaëlle GILLET and Nicolas BOUQUIN, French & European Patent Attorneys
BouquinGillet_Article.jpg Discover an extract from the Immunowatch, published by our partner Mabdesign, and which contains an article written by Raphaëlle GILLET and Nicolas BOUQUIN, about CAR-T therapy.
Published on: 4th Dec 2020

PACTE brings major changes in French IP Law

By Henri BOURGEOIS and Jérôme COLLIN, French & European Patent Attorneys
BourgeoisCollin_Article.jpg The PACTE law is a set of new French laws implementing the economic reform decided by the French government. PACTE includes several provisions on intellectual property, which result in major changes for patents and trademarks.
Published on: 30th Nov 2020

Protection of your trademarks against the domain names registrations under the porn industry extensions.

By Nicolas Demilly, French & European Trademark and Design Attorney
Demilly_search.jpg REGIMBEAU is at your disposal to support you in the registration of these blocks as well as in the management and the defense of your domain names. Do not hesitate to contact us on this matter.
Published on: 17th Nov 2020

The CNIPA-EPO pilot: a direct access to efficient and cost-effective patent prosecution in Europe for nationals and residents of P.R. China

By Henri BOURGEOIS, French & European Patent Attorney
BOURGEOIS_SEARCH.jpg The CNIPA-EPO pilot will start on December 1st 2020 and will allow nationals and residents of P.R. China new strategic options as well as substantive cost reductions.
Published on: 9th Nov 2020

Changes to USPTO Fees Effective October 2

By Bailey Ziegler, US Patent Attorney.
Ziegler_Search.jpg We would like to inform you that fee changes are being implemented by the US Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) and take effect on October 2, 2020. On average, patent fees are increasing by approximately 5%.
Published on: 25th Sept 2020

Brexit will become a reality on January 1st, 2021

By Evelyne ROUX, Partner.
ROUX_SEARCH_2013.jpg On January 1st, 2021, the transition period which followed the UK’s decision to leave the EU will end, a priori without any further extension. When deciding your budget, in particular for renewals, remember the measures that will need to be taken to anticipate the effects of BREXIT and the consequences for your intellectual property rights.
Published on: 22th Sept 2020

COVID-19: New free patent panorama databases are being launched

By Isabelle MARY, Head of the IP Intelligence Department, French Patent Attorney
I.Mary.jpg In the turbulent context of the fight against COVID-19, while patent protection of innovations has been at the heart of controversy, it has also been a source of positive collaboration between research teams. A number of patent information platforms have been created, indexing specific data on the subject and enabling the innovative community to carry out relevant searches in a targeted and structured corpus.
Published on: 19th Aug 2020

JUB : Breaking news !

By Stéphanie CELAIRE, Partner and French & European Patent Attorney
Celaire_search.jpg Neither Brexit nor Covid-19 seems to have hindered the motivation of the European Commission (EC) to see the project of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) and the Unitary Patent realized.
Published on: 23th Jul 2020

SPC : The End of Neurim ?

Nicolas BOUQUIN, French & European Patent Attorney and Anne BOUTARIC, Partner and French & European Patent Attorney
Bouquin_Boutaric_small.jpg The Court of Justice of the European Union issued this Thursday its judgement in Santen (C-673/18, Santen SAS / Directeur général de l'Institut national de la propriété industrielle), a decision with very important implications for all actors in the pharma sector.
Published on: 13th Jul 2020


A conflict? A relational difficulty? Think mediation!

Frédérique FAIVRE PETIT, Partner, French Patent Attorney & European Patent Attorney
Faivre-Petit_search.jpg Are you an entrepreneur, a head of service, a project coordinator? You need to dedicate yourself to the recovery and development of your activity. You do not have enough time available to settle conflicts, disputes or litigations, more or less important, potential or occurring as a part of your activities. You wish to avoid initiating a legal action.
Published on: 22th Jun 2020

G3/19: Products exclusively obtained by an essentially biological method finally excluded from patentability

Philippe BESSIERE, French & European Patent Attorney
BESSIERE_SEARCH.jpg G3/19 concerns a referral to the Enlarged Board of Appeal by the President of the European Patent Office (EPO) following decision T1063/18 (Pepper) by a Board of Appeal which concluded that Rule 28 (2) EPC, prohibiting the grant of a European patent for plants obtained exclusively by an essentially biological process, was in conflict with the previous interpretation of Article 53 (c) EPC by the Enlarged Board of Appeal in decisions G 2/12 and G 2/13 (Brocoli / Tomato).
Published on: 3rd Jun 2020

International Model: 1 registration for 74 territories

Caroline HUGUET, French and European Trademark and Design Attorney
0743-C.HUGUET.jpg Designs, reflecting quality and commitment to innovation have become the new weapon of business competition, even becoming, at times, a means of identification in the same way as a trademark. Their role in the economics of numerous companies has become highly important and therefore, protection should not be overlooked.
Published on: 25th May 2020

EPO extends possibility of oral proceedings by videoconference to opposition proceedings

By Jerôme COLLIN, Partner, French & European Patent Attorney.
Collin_search.jpg It has been possible to hold oral proceedings by videoconference at the EPO since 1998. This has opened an interesting possibility for applicants and their representatives, allowing applicants to attend the oral proceedings without having to travel to the premises of the EPO. Regimbeau has been using this possibility routinely for years.
Published on: 30th April 2020

Implementation of the E.U. "Trademark reform package" in France: the French TM Office now competent to invalidate or revoke Trademark registrations

By Carole ADJADJ, French & European Trademark and Design Attorney.
v3783-Carole ADJADJ.jpg As of April 1, 2020, requests for invalidity or revocation of trademarks which had been brought before the judicial courts prior to this date, now fall within the purview of the INPI and become administrative and purely electronic procedures.
Published on: 21th April 2020

IP management in times of crisis: what priorities? REGIMBEAU by your side during this critical period of COVID 19

In this period of global health crisis, REGIMBEAU remains your partner in all areas that make up its core business: industrial and intellectual property, new technologies law, data protection ...
Published on: 20th April 2020

Personal Data and "Covid-19 Alert"

By Aleksandra THÉLOT, Intellectual Property Lawyer
THELOT_SEARCH.png In a press release available on the CNIL website (click on the image), the French Commission recalls the legal basis which allowed the “Covid-19 Alert” text message to be sent to French citizens on March 17th.
Published on: 25th March 2020

Unified Patent Court - the German federal Constitutional court has finally issued its decision regarding the ratification process in Germany

By Sylvain THIVILLIER Partner and French & European Patent Attorney and Henri BOURGEOIS, French & European Patent Attorney.
On Friday March 20, 2020, the German Federal Constitutional Court issued its decision relating to the appeal filed against the German Act of Approval of the Unified Patent Court (“UPC”), and ruled that the vote at the German Parliament in favour of the ratification was not valid.
Published on: 23th March 2020

PACTE Law: Opposition to patents

By Stéphanie CELAIRE, Partner and French & European Patent Attorney, and Henri BOURGEOIS, French & European Patent Attorney.
CELAIREBOURGEOIS.png The 2019 PACTE Law will deeply modify several fundamental aspects of the French patent law. One of the flagship measures in this area is undoubtedly the creation of patent opposition proceedings before the French IP Office, with the right to appeal before the Paris Court of Appeal.
Published on: 17th March 2020

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2021 Edition: WTR 1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals

The World Trademark Review (WTR) has published the results of its “WTR 1000 The world’s Leading Trademark Professionals” survey, identifying the best trademark practitioners around the world. REGIMBEAU is ranked among the top French firms. Evelyne ROUX, Partner, is particularly recognized as a leading expert in trademarks.
Published on: 16th Feb 2021
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