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Unitary Patent: Be prepared!

This free online budget simulation tool for European patents allowes you to compare post-grant costs (incl. validations & renewals) with or without Unitary Effect

Inventing Tomorrow’s Intellectual Property

As a firm providing services to innovative companies, REGIMBEAU must also innovate.

Knowledge management has always been our business. This is why we have had a policy of investing significantly in information technology for more than 30 years.
This technological positioning has contributed to our development and we believe, will contribute to our future growth.
From now we wish to promote this experience and its advantages to leverage your business.
This approach has become a reality with the launch of our online services.
With this tool we wish to implement a new form of collaboration with our customers and network of partners:
·        Sharing and enriching all information contained in your files with your Attorney,
·        Tracking the progress of your procedures in real-time,
·        Carrying out advanced search in this body of information,
·        Organizing and sharing this information in compliance with your own organization,
·        Monitoring your competitors, setting up alerts,
·        Developing ad hoc IP scorecards,
·        Exchanging and archiving your information digitally in a secure environment.
These are just a few of the aims we have set ourselves which will reveal their full potential thanks to the innovative technology of this portal.
We currently offer the following services:
·        Online access to your patent, trademark, design and domain name portfolios in an environment enabling you to organize, enrich, import or export your information, use links to public data, all of this on-line;
·        Monitoring your data intelligence, with the possibility to organize, enrich, import or export the resulting information, use links to public data bases, and carry out advanced search in the body of information thus constituted;
·        Access to targeted information in reference files defined beforehand with our intelligence department specialists.
These services are regularly enriched. You will soon have on-line access to all the documents in your files in a secure, customizable environment benefiting from unique full text advanced search, early warning and information enrichment features.
This portal uses currently available technological standards enabling you to easily interface with your own information system.
We organize demonstrations of these new services on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Online Access

Online acces to your IP Portfolio

Online access to your IP portfolio

Instant support

Download TeamViewer QuickSupport : this module runs immediately without installation and does not require administrative rights. REGIMBEAU provides you with remote support and help you using IPRING.