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Your inventiveness enriches our business. Your discoveries and creations allow us to assist you in ever more diverse fields.

Our team of Intellectual Property Attorneys specialised in Strategic IP Intelligence, provides technical and human means to offer you the information necessary for strategic decision making and to allow you to anticipate and evaluate future trends and seize market opportunities.
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IP Intelligence Department
  • Analysing

    £  Patentability Studies to check determine whether an invention meets the requirements for obtaining a patent

    £  Freedom to operate for any product, device or process intended to be launched on the market

  • Technical

    £  Identify and assess short and medium term risks

    £  Anticipate and gauge commercial and technological developments with your markets.

  • Staying

    £  Case law research

    £  Stay abreast of and anticipate any changes related to the adoption of a law

    £  Identifying legal keys to open foreign markets subject to specific national regulations.



Example of Mapping:


Publications of patent applications in the field of thrust reversers between 1990 and 2011

Source : Questel Orbit

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