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Conseils en Propriété Industrielle / European Patent and Trademark Attorneys
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Within an International context, our team of Intellectual Property Attorneys can assist you in defining your contractual strategy, negotiating and drafting your agreements and with the evaluation of your intangible assets to meet your objectives: Management (audit, investment monitoring), Strategic (M&A, fundraising, R&D policies), Financial (sales), Accounting and fiscal (transfer of assets, fixed assets, IFRS), or Legal (litigation, insurances, contracts).
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Contracts and IP Valuation
  • Protecting

    £  Legal and technical analysis

    £  Audit of your contracts and those of your partners or prospects: “due diligence”, IPS, fundraising, call for projects, etc…

    £  Drafting preparatory agreements: confidentiality agreements, notarial agreements, memorandum of understanding, etc…

  • Exploiting

    £  Acquisition/disposal of assets, technology transfers and valuation of assets

    £  Operational contracts: development, collaboration, research, outsourcing, licensing, distribution, joint ownership, etc.

    £  Partnership agreements, FPRD, asset creation, etc.

  • Defending

    £  Through the negotiation and drafting of the memorandum of understanding, commitment to non-opposition, arbitration, etc.

    £  Through damage assessment.

  • Evaluating

    £  To evaluate of your patents, trademarks, know-how, databases, domain names, websites, designs etc.

    £  To apply conventional evaluation methods on all your intangible assets (evaluation standards ISO-10-688 among others)



REGIMBEAU is placed in the top tier of French IP law firms in the « Patent Prosecution » category and is recognised for its expertise and practice in patent and technology licensing in « IAM Licensing 250” and for the patent litigation

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