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Cécile PUECH, Ph.D

Senior Associate

French Patent Attorney

European Patent Attorney

Life Sciences & Chemistry Department
Tel: +33 1 44 29 35 00


French Patent Attorney

European Patent Attorney


Master’s in Engineering (Ecole Polytechnique)
Ph.D and MS in Immunology at the Pasteur Institute (Université Paris VI)
CEIPI Graduate (distinction in Patents)


Cécile PUECH joined REGIMBEAU in 2004.

Technical and scientific fields

Pharmaceuticals (Medical Proteins: antibodies and derivatives thereof, blood derivatives, Virus purification/securing processes, glycosylation. Vaccines: viral vectors, conjugates/fusion proteins, immunization protocols, immunotherapy; stem cells; therapeutic uses; combinations)
Diagnostics (methods of diagnosis and prediction of treatment responses, methods of measures of biological/clinical parameters associated to diagnosis)
Biotechnology research tools (methods and reagents for detecting biological molecules, PCR, cell lines)
Agribusiness (vegetable or meat extracts; dairy products)

Teaching / Representative positions

  • Involved in the training of young professionals for the European Qualifying Examination (EPI-CEIPI)
  • Involved in the training of young professionals for the French Qualifying Examination (CNCPI Roundtables)


Distinguished "Rising IP STARS" in 2018 and 2019 by Managing IP magazine​

Recent contributions and participations


Bioproduction of Immunotherapies

Contribution by Cécile PUECH on "Patent battles over antibody production (Upstream Processing) and territory constraints." and participation of Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE at the 4th edition Bioproduction of Immunotherapies
24th Sept 2019

Regimbeau IP ACADEMY 2019

REGIMBEAU is organising a 5-day training seminar on "European Patents and Designs: The Essentials" for clients and foreign colleagues wishing to acquire a working knowledge of the specificities of patent and design procedures in Europe.
Contributions by Jérôme COLLIN, Sylvain THIVILLIER, Evelyne ROUX, Martine BLOCH-WEILL, Isabelle THILL, Nicolas BOUQUIN, Henri BOURGEOIS, Frédérique DURIEUX, Philippe BESSIERE, Armelle LEONARD, Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE, Yves DE SAINT-PERN, Caroline HUGUET-BRAUN, Matthieu OBJOIS, Cécile PUECH, Anne SEIBEL, Guillaume SCHWAB.
20th Jun 2019


Participation of Anne-Laure DELEUZE, Cécile PUECH et Antoine BLIN, at VivaTech.
16th May 2019

Awards ceremony of the iLab Competition

Participation of Cécile PUECH, Anne SEIBEL et Philippe BESSIERE in the awards ceremony of the iLab Competition organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and BPI France on July 5, 2018, at the Cité des Sciences. Contribution by Cécile PUECH at a round table for start-ups in Life Sciences.
5th Jul 2018
San Diego

BIO International Convention

Partcipation of Emmanuelle LEVY, Partner, and Cécile PUECH, Senior Associate, at the BIO International Convention.
19th Jun 2017

Recent Publications

Dosage or administration regimens are patentable in Japan, but inventive step may be tricky!

By Lazarina CHOISNEL and Cécile PUECH, French & European Patent Attorneys
Inventions relating to a new dosage or administration regimen of a compound with a known therapeutic use are not excluded from patentability in Japan. However, it may be difficult to defend their inventive step.
Published on: 23th Dec 2021

Patentability of dosage requirements: towards an easing of requirements in canada

By Lazarina CHOISNEL and Cécile PUECH, French & European Patent Attorneys
In contrast to that of the United States, Canadian patent law excludes therapeutic methods from patentability on the grounds that physicians should not be hampered in their practice of medicine. However, as in many countries that also have this exclusion, it is possible to protect the use of a compound or a composition for therapeutic purposes in Canada, provided that an appropriate claim format is used.
Published on: 28th Oct 2021

Antibodies defined by functional features: Beware of sufficiency of disclosure !

By Cécile PUECH, French & European Patent Attorney
While European case law has long since limited the cases in which an antibody can be claimed solely by functional features, U.S. case law has recently moved in the same direction. Following two decisions by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (Federal Circuit) involving Amgen and Sanofi, it could be argued that the U.S. case law has taken a more drastically limited view on claiming antibody functional features.
Published on: 13th Oct 2021





Due Diligence - Strategy

IP Prosecution


Portfolio management

Freedom to operate

Press release

IP Stars 2020 - Managing Intellectual Property

For the seventh year running Evelyne ROUX, Jean-Robert CALLON DE LAMARCK and Jérôme COLLIN, Partners, have received the “IP Stars” Award. This award, from the Managing Intellectual Property magazine, is based on the recommendations of IP professionals and clients.

Let us take this opportunity to once again congratulate our "IP Rising Stars" distinguished at the end of 2019: Cécile PUECH, Anne SEIBEL et Matthieu OBJOIS.
Published on: 13th May 2020