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Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE, Ph.D

French Patent Attorney

European Patent Attorney

Life Sciences & Chemistry Department
Tel: +33 1 44 29 35 00


French Patent Attorney

European Patent Attorney


Master’s  in Engineering (Ecole Polytechnique)
Ph.D. in Immunology  at the Curie Institute (Université Paris VII)
MS. in Oncology (Université Paris XI), Gustave Roussy Institute
CEIPI Graduate (Distinction in Patents)


Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE joined REGIMBEAU in 2008.

Technical and scientific fields

Immunology, Cellular biology, Molecular biology, Biotechnology, Agribusiness, Cosmetics, Drugs, Diagnostics

Recent contributions and participations


France Biotech Webinar "Employee Advocacy, remuneration policies, compensation of inventors in HealthTech"

Barbara CASADEWALL and Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE will discuss inventor compensation practices, the RGPD and the Research Tax Credit in this webinar dedicated to HealthTech HR issues.
26th Nov 2020

HR Commission - France Biotech

Participation of Barbara CASADEWALL et Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE at a meeting of the HR Commission, organized by France Biotech, about "Intellectual Property and inventors right".
28th Feb 2020

Nagoya Protocol Conference

Interventions of Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE and Raphaëlle GILLET at the 4th edition of the Nagoya Protocol Conference.
30th Jan 2020

Inventions of employees - Part 2: Remuneration of inventors, Issues and practices

REGIMBEAU organizes a breakfast conference on the theme:: "Inventions of employees - Part 2: Remuneration of inventors, Issues and practices". Interventions of Frédérique FAIVRE PETIT, Philippe BESSIERE, Anne SEIBEL and Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE.
3rd Oct 2019

Bioproduction of Immunotherapies

Contribution by Cécile PUECH on "Patent battles over antibody production (Upstream Processing) and territory constraints." and participation of Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE at the 4th edition Bioproduction of Immunotherapies
24th Sept 2019

Regimbeau IP ACADEMY 2019

REGIMBEAU is organising a 5-day training seminar on "European Patents and Designs: The Essentials" for clients and foreign colleagues wishing to acquire a working knowledge of the specificities of patent and design procedures in Europe.
Contributions by Jérôme COLLIN, Sylvain THIVILLIER, Evelyne ROUX, Martine BLOCH-WEILL, Isabelle THILL, Nicolas BOUQUIN, Henri BOURGEOIS, Frédérique DURIEUX, Philippe BESSIERE, Armelle LEONARD, Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE, Yves DE SAINT-PERN, Caroline HUGUET-BRAUN, Matthieu OBJOIS, Cécile PUECH, Anne SEIBEL, Guillaume SCHWAB.
20th Jun 2019

Business Day - Research

Contribution by Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE at the Business-Research Day with a presentation on the theme "New regulations related to the Nagoya Protocol".
31th Jan 2019

Biodiversity Laws and Issues on Your IP Strategies

REGIMBEAU is organizing a conference on "Biodiversity laws and issues on your IP strategy". The debates will be led by the following French & European Patent Attorneys: Barbara CASADEWALL, Partner, Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE, Philippe BESSIERE et Raphaëlle GILLET.
22th Nov 2018

ASPI conference - Traditional Knowledge & Nagoya Protocol

Contribution by Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE on "Traditional Knowledge, Traditional Cultural Expression, Genetic Resources, Nagoya Protocol, Towards New Forms of Intellectual Property?" at the ASPI conference
20th Sept 2018

Issues of biodiversity laws

REGIMBEAU is organising a conference on: "Issues of Biodiversity Laws on Access, Exploitation and Intellectual Property Associated with Genetic Resources in Biotechnology". Contribution by Claire NEIRAC and Alexandrine REY, PI Lawyers Law of the Living- CIRAD Montpellier, Armelle LEONARD, French & European Patent Attorney and Head of the Montpellier office, Philippe BESSIERE, French & European Patent Attorney and Head of the Toulouse office, Gabrielle FAURE-ANDRE, French & European Patent Attorney and Barbara CASADEWALL, Partner.
19th Jun 2018





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