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Senior Associate

French Patent Attorney

Data Protection Officer

Contracts, IP Valuation & Data Department
Tel: +33 1 44 29 35 00


French Patent Attorney


CEIPI Graduate (distinction in Patents and Trademarks & Designs)
MA in Intellectual Property Law, (Université Paris 2 - Assas )
Master of Business Law (Université de Lille II)


Franck DELAMER started his career in the aerospace industry as a Lawyer specialising in Intellectual Property and International Contracts.
After 10 years’ experience in this field, he joined a large telecommunications company as a Contract Lawyer, advising on Intellectual Property, then as Head of Patents and Valuation.

Franck joined REGIMBEAU in 2015.

Fields of Expertise

In charge of IP valuation, he works with clients on issues of protection, valuation operations for trademarks, patents, know-how, software, databases, websites, etc.

Specific areas of expertise

Valuation of intangible assets (trademarks, patents, software and databases).
Editing, writing, and assistance with the negotiations of agreements relating to intangible assets.

Teaching / Representative positions

  • Member of various professional associations (APEB, LES)
  • Member of the Commission of Employees Inventions of the Practitioners of European Patents  Association (APEB)
  • Lecturer at Polytech Nantes


Distinguished as one of the leading IP strategists in France in the “IAM Strategy 300 - The World’s Leading IP Strategists 2016”.

Recent contributions and participations


Data protection & Valuation

Intervention of Franck DELAMER at the Agri Sud-Ouest’s webinar who will give his insight on data protection and opportunities to value data.
13th Oct 2020
La Roche sur Yon

Polytech Nantes

Intervention of Franck DELAMER, at Polytech Nantes, on the RGPD and the telecom regulation.
15th May 2020

Incubator Arts et Métiers / ParisTech

Contribution by Jean-Robert CALLON de LAMARCK, Partner, and Franck DELAMER, Industrial Property Attorney, at the Incubator of Arts et Métiers / ParisTech on Protection and Contracts.
6th March 2019


Contribution by Franck DELAMER, French Patent Attorney, Contracts & IP Valuation Department, to introduce the GDPR at the AIPLA CNCPI Meeting.
11th Jun 2018

Recent Publications

Entry into force of the european patent with unitary effect: review your contracts!

By Frédérique DURIEUX and Franck DELAMER
The European patent with unitary effect and the Unified Patent Court (UPC) will soon come into force. Before requesting unitary effect or opting out of the exclusive jurisdiction of the Unified Patent Court for a European patent which does not have unitary effect, patent owners will need to be aware of their obligations under existing contracts and, if necessary, adjust them.
Published on: 27th Jun 2022

One year of GDPR

By Franck DELAMER, French Patent Attorney.
The GDPR has been in force for one year. Many companies have initiated compliance processes. The CNIL has made some notable decisions, mainly sanctioning the non-respect of key principles (existing under the previous Computer and Freedom law). The CNIL continues its work in verifying that the principles of these texts are respected, while announcing in parallel a new text regarding cookies.
Published on: 1st Aug 2019

GRDP: it's now!

By Franck DELAMER, French Patent Attorney
On May 14th, the National Assembly adopted the draft law on the protection of personal data, quickly followed by the referral to the Constitutional Council by 60 senators. This text aims to adapt the “Data Protection and Freedom of Information” law to the entry into application of the European Regulation on the protection of personal data (Regulation 2016/679, abbreviated “GRDP”). A large number of obligations, however, are not affected by this referral and therefore come into effect today.
Published on: 12th Jun 2018




Software / Datawarehouse



Due Diligence - Strategy

Business Intelligence