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The increasing prevalence of working online may lead to security and data privacy issues.
Being a pioneer in digital IP, REGIMBEAU initiated the first AFNOR standard for digital data exchange in the field of IP. Furthermore, REGIMBEAU belongs to a regulated profession subject to professional secrecy and deploys secure tools ensuring strict confidentiality. REGIMBEAU digital tools allow you to collaborate in real-time and are designed to secure your know-how and your ability to innovate.

Our added value:
- Audit of your work processes and identification of data requiring protection.
- Strategic advice for safeguarding your data.
- Provision of collaborative and secure tools to save time for your teams: online IP portfolio management, collaborative writing, Datarooms, email encryption, and electronic document dating and signing.

We ensure effective protection of your data's confidentiality by dealing simultaneously on the legal, technical, and organizational levels. We establish recommendations adapted to each specific case and support you in the implementation of these measures through detailed roadmaps tailored to your priorities and constraints.
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  • Businesses

    £  Have your work contracts with regard to confidentiality clauses considered these new collaboration arrangements?

    £  Are your processes adapted to ensure effective privacy and tracking of shared data?

    £  What recourse do you have in the event of data leaks from third parties disclosing your innovations?

    £  What to do and not to do when your employees have to work in a coworking environment?​

  • Coworking, incubators & collaborative workspace

    £  How do you ensure the confidentiality of your workstations?

    £  What are the precautions to be taken concerning "inter-company" exchanges (confidentiality, etc.)?

    £  Do you have any contracts in place that discharge you from your coworkers' companies?​

  • Startup

    £  How to present your innovative technologies in collaborative venues without threatening your IP rights?

    £  What are the precautions to take to work in an open environment?

    £  How to ensure the confidentiality of a meeting with an investor or an industrialist?​

Past events


FICPI Webinar « First use cases of IP data exchange standards for improved communication between IP stakeholders »

Marc LEVIEILS moderates the FICPI Webinar on IP data exchange standards, in particular the French NF X50-276 standard.

Data protection & Valuation

Intervention of Franck DELAMER at the Agri Sud-Ouest’s webinar who will give his insight on data protection and opportunities to value data.

FICPI’s webinar: Lean Management applied to service

FICPI organizes a webinar on the theme: « Lean Management applied to service: How to transform forced adaptation to telework into an opportunity for improvement? ». Moderated by Marc LEVIEILS, Partner.