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The European Patent Office Clarifies the Standard for Partial Priority

by Jérôme COLLIN, Partner
Collin_search.jpg In case G1/15 the Enlarged Board of Appeals of the European Patent Office has just released the order of its decision as follows: “Under the EPC, entitlement to partial priority may not be refused for a claim encompassing alternative subject-matter by virtue of one or more generic expressions or otherwise (generic “OR”-claim) provided that said alternative subject-matter has been disclosed for the first time, directly, or at least implicitly, unambiguously and in an enabling manner in the priority document. No other substantive conditions or limitations apply in this respect.”
Published on: 1st Dec 2016

Publication of the Decree Relating to Contract Law Reform: What is the Impact on your Business Practices?

by Isabelle LECAT, Industrial Property Lawyer
Lecat_search.jpg On 10 February 2016, the French Government issued an order reforming contract law, the general system and the proof of obligations; therefore reforming certain provisions in the Civil Code which have been in force since 1804.
Published on: 20th April 2016

Pitfalls that US origin cases experience in the EPO

By Sylvain THIVILLIER, head of Munich Office and Christine McCARTHY, Partner, BARNES & THORNBURG LLP
v5570- Sylvain THIVILLIER.jpg Dual protection of patentable innovations in the US and Europe has long strengthened the relationship between those economic markets and affected competition therein. However, patent applicants beginning their pursuit of protection with US origin applications at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) often face significant but often avoidable challenges in protecting their innovations in the European Patent Office (EPO).
Published on: 18th Oct 2016

Unregistered Community Designs: A Right not to Overlook During Disputes!

by Caroline HUGUET-BRAUN, French and European Trademark and Design Attorney
0743-C.HUGUET.jpg In addition to the protection by copyright and registered design, the appearance of an industrial or artisanal item (product) can be protected by an unregistered Community design (UCD). This protection system, often forgotten in the past, is beginning to claim its place in disputes relating to the appearance of product, particularly in the fashion field where many products have relatively short life cycles, meaning that filing a protection request may sometimes be too costly.
Published on: 26th Aug 2016

Modification of the Terms for Refunding the Examination Fee of a European Patent Application

by Julie TOUEG, IP Attorney
TOUEG.jpg A decision of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation relating to the refund of the examination fee, of 29 June 2016, amends Article 11 of the Rules Relating to Fees (RRF).
Published on: 26th Aug 2016

Advances in the Protection of Trade Secrets

By Isabelle PINAUD, French & European Trademark and Design Attorney
Pinaud_search.jpg On 8 June 2016 the European Union adopted Directive 2016/943 on "the protection of undisclosed know-how and business information (trade secrets) against their unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure".
Published on: 28th Jul 2016

First Remarks as to the Implications on Intellectual Property Following the BREXIT vote of 24 June

This morning, Friday 24 June 2016, the British referendum result in favour of BREXIT was announced, meaning the United Kingdom has voted to leave of the European Union. What will be the initial consequences in the intellectual property field?
Published on: 24th Jun 2016

Infringement and Medical Products

by Pierre BOUGEARD, French and European Trademark and Design Attorney
P.BOUGEARD.jpg Intended to combat the infringment of medical products and to protect public health, the Medicrime Convention entered into force on 1 January 2016.
Published on: 11th May 2016

Cigarillo Packaging: Environmental Awareness goes up in Smoke!

by Martine BLOCH-WEILL, partner
v3588-Martine BLOCH WEILL.jpg The French National Anti-Smoking Committee (Comité National contre le tabagisme - CNCT) considered that the cigarillo packaging marketed by the Brazilian Dannemann Society did not comply with the provisions of the Evin Law since it constituted an unlawful advertising of tobacco.
Published on: 11th May 2016

Overseas Trademark Protection Strategy

Trademarks: 1 Registration for 97 Member States and 113 Territories. From its creation, or at the latest from the start of negotiations with foreign partners, overseas Trademark protection must be considered.
Published on: 12th April 2016

Unified Patent Court: No Opt-Out Fee!

by Sylvain THIVILLIER, Head of the Munich Office
v5570- Sylvain THIVILLIER.jpg On 24 and 25 February 2016, the Preparatory Committee for the UPC met and agreed on a text stating the “Rules on Court fees and recoverable costs” linked to the UPC, in which it should be noted that the official fee for opting out of the exclusive jurisdiction of the UPC has been removed.
Published on: 2nd March 2016

On your European (Trade)marks! Do you have Something to Declare?

by Isabelle THILL, Partner
THILL_SEARCH_2013.jpg SPECIFICATION OF GOODS AND SERVICES FOR YOUR TRADEMARKS: the President of the OHIM has just released a statement regarding the modalities of application for Article 28 (8) of the amended regulation on the European Union Trademark.
Published on: 24th Feb 2016

Is 2016 the final stretch before the entry in force of the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court?

By Christian TEXIER, Partner, and Sylvain THIVILLIER, Head of the Munich Office
TEXIER THIVILLIER.JPG The reference texts defining the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court allow us already to identify certain general principles for these systems. During the last 2 years, the Preparatory Committee of the UPC has done tremendous work to draft the rules of implementation for these new systems, rules which should be adopted in the following (next few?) months.
Published on: 9th Feb 2016



Cocktail Conference.

To celebrate the publication of its book “Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court: Europe Adopts New Tools for Innovation” and the launch of its Sim’UP tool, Regimbeau is organising a cocktail conference.

Press room

Publication of: Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court: Europe adopts new tools to promote innovation

The patent system in Europe will undergo major changes with the accord ratifying the Unified Patent Court and the Unitary Patent shortly entering into force. It is within this context that this work has been conceived by REGIMBEAU’s IP attorney’s for use by practitioners. It is a thematic organization of the legislative and regulatory texts which will be faced in the near future. This work should be considered as an initial comprehensive assembly of the numerous of tools available, aimed at facilitating their practical use.
Published on: 14th Jan 2017
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